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My Place or Yours?

Wherever you turn these days, there seems to be another advertisement trying to send work off-shore to save money. For some simple tasks, I can see the value in it, however when it comes to bookkeeping, I personally could not thing of anything worse.

“Bookkeeping” is the broad term we use to describe any of the number of different levels of skill required to provide a business owner accurate information about the accounts of their company. Bookkeeping tasks can range from basic data entry of creditors invoices through to providing detailed monthly reports to analyse profitability, budgets and cashflow.

The level of service you can expect from your bookkeeper depends on the level of skill of the bookkeeper you appoint to look after your accounts. My Accounts we provide a premium bookkeeping service which encompasses all levels of the bookkeeping function right through to management accounting reports to enable you to analyse your companies profitability. We believe the only way that this level of service can be provided is by us coming to your business on a regular basis.

Here are some of the reasons we believe doing the work at your place of business enables us to provide a superior bookkeeping function:

Relationship Building
We come to your premises. This means we get to know you, your business and your staff. This enables us to sit down with you and understand what information and in which format is most important for you to assist you in analysing your business performance.

All files are kept on your premises. There is no time wasted scanning receipts or sending files back and forth from your office to ours. This also provides better security for your source documents and your data files.

Efficiency – for you, and for us.
There is no more efficient way of preparing your accounts than being where the source documents are. By doing our work from your business premises we have first-hand access to invoices, statements, lease agreements and other source documents that are key to performing our work to the highest quality. We can do all this without troubling our client with the time consuming admin tasks of either filing or searching for things.

Dedicated bookkeeper
One bookkeeper is allocated to you to look after all of your bookkeeping functions, this creates a great level of efficiency and consistency. If this work is done offsite, the work is usually shared around by various people (some not necessarily located in Australia).

Regular Service
We will establish a regular day or days each week that suits you. This way, all of your staff, clients and suppliers know that any accounts enquiries can be followed up on a particular day each week.

Comprehensive Analysis
We can sit down with you to review monthly financial reports such as profit & loss, balance sheets, cashflow and actual v budget comparisons. If there are any amendments required we can update your accounts immediately and re-run the reports.

There is more accountability when we turn up to your business as you know exactly how many hours we are working each week, and there are no distractions of other clients or phone calls which means you get our complete attention.

We provide onsite bookkeeping services with local staff throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. You can contact us directly in those offices or on 1300 784 122.

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