Our posts are based on real-life experiences working with our small business clients across Australia. By sharing our insights we hope that you can refine your accounting processes and build a successful business.

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Do You Need a Bookkeeper?

We’ve now been working with small businesses for over 9 years. Over that time, we’ve developed a simple list of questions to see whether you are at the stage where you could benefit from having a good bookkeeper assist with your accounts…

Take a minute to ask yourself:

1. Do you find yourself (as the business owner) entering business transactions on a weekend or late in the evenings?

2. Do you use your bank balance as the sole indicator of how well your business is going?

3. Do you feel you are often guessing as to what the rules are on how you should allocate various expenses?

4. Do you have continual frustrations with the inventory management inside your business?

5. Do you find that your business struggles with cash flow because you don’t have enough hours in the day to work on sales and ‘business improvement’?

6. Do you run out of time to review your business’ financial performance at the end of each month?

8. Is your time worth more than $75 per hour?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then it’s pretty clear that you could benefit from a discussion with one of our experienced bookkeepers. Why not give us a call now on 1300-784-122, we’d love to help!