Our posts are based on real-life experiences working with our small business clients across Australia. By sharing our insights we hope that you can refine your accounting processes and build a successful business.

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Insights into a Winning Culture: 2016 AFL Grand Final

Late in the fourth quarter, I still held out hope that the Swans would break through and overcome the suffocating pressure of the Bulldogs. We were trailing by 9 points, which given the way the match was being played out, was beginning to look insurmountable. In the centre square, our $10mil talisman Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin gained clear possession of the football and looked to either… Read More

Growing Up – An Adult (in) Business

Recently I've been exploring the concept of growing up as a business, and the correlation between growing up as a business and growing up as a person… probably because I get told to grow up on a weekly basis. Last month, My Accounts onboarded two new shareholders - Matthew Rowe as an Executive Director and Andrew Walsh as a Non-Executive director. This not only triggered… Read More

The Comfort of Innovation

Do you ever buy several books only to place them on your shelf and think that you’ll get to them soon, only to add more new books in that information queue fighting for your attention? Unfortunately, I am often guilty of this practice. In January of 2015, I purchased ‘How We Got to Now: 6 Innovations That Shaped the Modern World’ by Steven Johnson. I… Read More