Our posts are based on real-life experiences working with our small business clients across Australia. By sharing our insights we hope that you can refine your accounting processes and build a successful business.

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Manage Your Stress Levels for Success

I tend to find myself operating with a much greater efficiency with an ability to focus for longer periods of time after a good session at the gym. I also just generally feel happier to be at work! I knew there was a correlation between efficiency, positive feelings and excercise so I asked my personal trainer at VisionPT - Emily Schofield if she could explain… Read More

6 Numbers You Need to Know

The numbers you need to monitor to steer your business will come from your Balance Sheet as well as your Profit and Loss statements, according to Simon Allsop, Managing Director of My Accounts. “Most business owners look only at their P&L,” said Simon. “This is a bit like driving a car using only the rear-view mirror. P&L shows what the business has done, but a… Read More

Technology in the Coffee Shop

Just five years ago, technology didn’t really have a place in the coffee shop, but things have changed a lot in this short period of time. Products like Vend and Kounta have changed the game significantly with their ability to report real time to a café owner who could be located anywhere in the world. Add this accessibility to their ability to sync with cloud… Read More