Our posts are based on real-life experiences working with our small business clients across Australia. By sharing our insights we hope that you can refine your accounting processes and build a successful business.

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My Place or Yours?

Wherever you turn these days, there seems to be another advertisement trying to send work off-shore to save money. For some simple tasks, I can see the value in it, however when it comes to bookkeeping, I personally could not thing of anything worse. "Bookkeeping" is the broad term we use to describe any of the number of different levels of skill required to provide… Read More

Why Should I Use A Bookkeeper?

As a renowned disrupter of the bookkeeping market, I am often asked why a small business owner needs to rely on professional external bookkeeping support, rather than doing it themselves or considering a cheaper alternative to save money. This is an easy question to answer because it is a no-brainer. There are times in your life when only a qualified expert will do.  For example,… Read More

Cash flow tips for tough times

Australian businesses of all sizes are taking a longer time than ever to pay their bills according to Dun & Bradstreet’s recent Trade Payment Analysis. Two-thirds of businesses took longer than the standard 30 day period to pay company accounts; many paying trade accounts up to 90 days late. Simon Allsop, Managing Director of My Accounts, said that this highlights the financial problem facing many… Read More