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Xerocon 2015

Xerocon is the largest accounting technology conference in Australia. It’s also the largest vendor conference of its kind. 2015 marks the fifth anniversary of Xero Australia which makes it even more significant. The Xero team has grown from 15 to 230 staff in Australia alone. A lot has changed in the Xero ecosystem as well. From our Partner network to the way small business owners around the country use our cloud accounting software.

Xerocon Keynote
At Xerocon’s opening keynote session, it was revealed that Xero now has more than 250,000 paying customers in Australia. That’s triple the number they had just two years ago. In the past five years Xero has also:

– Grown from having 300 advisor Partners to 8,800
– Gone from $1.1 million in annualised revenue to $54 million
– Built our third-party ecosystem from 45 Add-on Partners to 440
– Increased the annual transactions processed through Xero from $5 billion to $146 billion.

Small businesses contribute a third of Australia’s gross domestic product. That’s more than $610 billion each year. By enabling small businesses and their advisors to easily manage their operations from anywhere, Xero is having a large-scale positive impact on the economy.

Just think about these words from the Hon Bruce Billson MP, Federal Minister for Small Business:

“Our economy is set to strengthen over the coming years as we transition from a mining investment-led boom. And non-mining sectors step up and drive economic and jobs growth. And it is small business. salesforce marketing cloud The agility, the innovative, the disruptive strength of the small business men and women in our economy that will be in the driver’s seat of this transition.”

I’m excited that we’re at the core of that disruption.


Working with world-class partners

New partnerships with global technology companies will hugely benefit the way small businesses manage every aspect of their business. These include a collaboration with Dropbox to incorporate its cloud storage capability. And another with Adobe to incorporate its e-signing capability into Xero’s product suite. Both integrations are coming to Australian Xero subscribers first, from next month (September 2015).

Xero is also partnering with:

– Bigcommerce – an ecommerce platform
– Insightly – small business customer relationship management software
– Veda – a business information directory
– Mindbody – management software for health and wellness professionals

These partnerships enable our customers to link Xero with the other tools they already use. Whether it’s running their retail store, managing their sales leads, or looking to increase their fitness studio customer base.

The teams at Xero and our add-on partners have been working very hard to make this happen.


Improving how Xero works with accounting and bookkeeping Partners
Xero Australia wouldn’t be where it is today without accountants and bookkeepers. They provide valuable feedback and help to educate small businesses on the importance of cloud accounting.

That’s what led to us to announce Partner Program 2.0 at Xerocon in 2014. Since then Xero has had massive success. They went from one Platinum Partner in Australia to eight. They have also nearly doubled Gold Partners from 164 to 301, and grown from 969 Silver Partners to 1,662. This kind of growth means it’s doubly important that they keep getting our Partner Program right.


Boosting Small Business

At Xerocon a new program called Xero Booster was announced. It will help small businesses get into cloud accounting quickly. The program is for startups and sole traders with less than $100,000 in annual revenue. It offers new customers a special price of $25 per month for the first 12 months of their Xero subscription. program also includes a six-month small business education program to help their business thrive. We’re opening the doors for signups from next month.